Arnold/Schwer // Krautrock

One room, two guys, three days. Electronic drummer (link: /artists/sebastianarnold text: Sebastian Arnold) and avantgarde guitarist (link: /artists/juergenschwer text: Jürgen Schwer) met for a three-day jam in their ancestral studio in Freiburg/Germany.

Like back in the BEEAH days over ten years ago, their extemporaneous sound instantly emerges as a rough mixture of krautrock, free jazz and experimental trip hop. The thoroughly improvised tracks were later selected, rearranged and processed in Sebastian's studio in Berlin. They are not only joined by an arsenal of instruments, such as electric guitars, stomp boxes, an acoustic drum kit, slit drum and other percussion, an untuned zither, synthesizers and drum machines, but also welcome lyric poet Tobias Roth (Munich/Berlin) and electronic artist Linus (Freiburg) to sit in for a couple of songs. We fully recommend you to listen to this dense amalgamation of groove and sound.

Sebastian Arnold Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer
Jürgen Schwer Gitarre, Loops, Geräusche