Arnold+Sukroso // Synchrontron E.P.

beeah–music BEH020 / CD / 09.05.2014

# Title Time
1.Role For Gold05:09
3.Becky Persipan06:01
4.Synchrotron (Calm Chor Remix)06:27
5.Role For Gold (Remix)05:36
6.Synchrotron (Jozak Sander Remix)07:08
7.Synchrotron (Powel Remix)07:25
8.Burning Man (Jam Version)03:41

Two virtuosic one-man-bands join forces to create electronic music based on their very own roots: drumsticks and acoustic guitar. This new supersonic duo, consisting of drummer Sebastian Arnold and “AcPad-Guitar” inventor Robin Sukroso brings you the exciting mixture of handplayed beats, live looped guitar synthesizing and catchy vocals.

The EP includes remixes by Calm Chor, Jozak Sander and Powel. Listen to this before machines are taking over romance.

Liner Notes

Synchrotron: The song was synched to its magic when the backing vocals of Sebastian Arnold were recorded in Berlin and met the lyrics and vocals of RobinSukroso in Goa, January 2014. (Lyrics wouldn't have been written without being irritated by the trial of enlighment of western people in obfuscation caused by the fog of burnt plastic in Arambol.)

Role for Gold: The video was taken at a farm (called Reitwein, where Hans and Gloria Festival took place) on the border to Poland. The video shows in a self-deprecating way how to strive the golden way of life. The lyrics and video are meant to disclose superficial and meaningless temptations, while getting lost in confusion and nonsense. The vocal parts in the video were recorded at the place where RobinSukroso’s VW bus once was getting smashed by a violent act of declined love….

Becky Persipan: A track that was hidden in Sebastian Arnold's modular synthesizer for a very long time. We found it and it tasted like persipan. We love persipan.

Burning Man: An improvised version of a track which followed RobinSukroso around the globe after he visited the so called festival 2008.


Written by Robin Sukroso & Sebastian Arnold