The Benja Men // From A Basement Under The Furniture Warehouse

beeah–music BEH029 / CD / 06.11.2020

# Title Time
1.Elaborate Shapes02:45
2.Lobster Boy Absconds04:06
3.People Are Terrible, Vol. 102:44
4.Fuck! Zombies!03:52
5.Scourge of the Southwest03:10
6.Ghosts of Marzahn03:28
8.This Is It Now02:32
9.Hate Machine03:42
10.The Retiring Cosmonaut04:29

One day in March of 2017, the five members of The Benja Men descended into their familiar rehearsal space beneath a popular furniture warehouse in Berlin. They emerged that same evening with the crux of an album: live instrumental recordings of ten of their favorite songs.

The band then cobbled together miscellaneous bits and pieces over the next three years, shaping, improving, and refining these pieces. After countless hours of editing, mixing, mastering, and other studio wizardry, their labor of love is now finished.

When The Benja Men first started, it was the bedroom recording project of a lone Benjamin without the faintest inkling what it might eventually become. Over time, it grew into a real band of extremely talented and dedicated artists who retroactively illuminated and defined the true character of the music. Very few recordings exist that capture their composite spirit, energy, and ideas. From a Basement Under the Furniture Warehouse is a fusion of the band's DIY beginnings and its evolved form, presented through a collection of songs written over the course of a decade, performed and shared with infectious joy.


Benjamin Arntz – vocals, ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar, fuzz guitar
Elisabeth King – accordion, backing vocals
Karen Bolage – bass, backing vocals
Sebastian Arnold – drums, percussion, synthesizer, backing vocals
Tim Corbridge – electric guitar, slide guitar, space ship