Mona La Phona // Where Is Everybody?

beeah–music BEH026 / CD / 06.01.2017

# Title Time
2.Naked Birds03:43
3.With Us03:58
4.One Heaped Spoon02:55
5.Millions of Hours from a Sun04:26

Berlin based duo Mona La Phona release their new EP "Where is everybody?". It is about the big search: for love, for oneself, for the right type of cake and everything else.

Musically the duo move in electro-acoustic circles and follow this recipe: One heaped dessert spoon of analog, one heaped dessert spoon of digital. Following the previous releases Glowing Seas and Electric Seas, their evolution is plain to see: more electronic beats and sounds, but not without shiny bits of string quartet and hypnotising melodies. Who says you can’t dance if you’re fed up with the world again?