Michael Lobesan // Orphans

beeah–music BEH023 / CD / 23.10.2015

# Title Time
1.Hear the Lonely Hearts Speak04:13
2.In the Fog05:39
3.In Deserts and Storms04:31
4.Waiting for a New Dawn04:32
5.Thoughts of a Dying Romantic04:41
6.As Leaves Fall05:03
7.Come Queer02:56
8.Of Our Sinking Boat04:03

We already know Michael Lobesan as a one-man project of Wassermanns Fiebertraum: melancholy rave tracks paired with dramatic lyrics about living and loving. The German artist chases his extraordinary beats through spherical psychedelic soundscapes, accomanied by his guitar and haunting vocal choirs.


Music / lyrics / recording by Michael Lobesan
Mix / mastering / sounddesign / additional beats and bass by Johannes Molz (quintenquanten.com)
Artwork by Daniel Mikolajetz (abstrct.de), Patrik Graf (patrikgraf.com)
Thank You: Daniel Mikolajetz, Johannes Molz, Patrik Graf, Philipp Marek Zink, Lukas Dohrmann, Peter Gröschl (Wassermanns Fiebertraum). Sebastian Arnold (beeah–music).