Mona La Phona // Electric Seas

beeah–music BEH022 / CD / 28.11.2014

# Title Time
1.Too Sweet (Sebastian Arnold Remix)04:44
2.Goldfish (Tom Bredthauer Remix)05:16
3.Snow (Tom Bredthauer Remix)05:48
4.Uni-(re)-verse (Keri Mihoum Remix)03:44
5.Escape Dot (Überwassersystem Remix)08:49

Four electronica artists have remixed Mona La Phona's latest Album "Glowing Seas". In the tracks of "Electric Seas", the duo's tender voices coalesce with warm bass lines and playful synthetic beats. A good way to start the winter.


All songs written by Mona La Phona

Remixes by:
Sebastian Arnold
Tom Bredthauer
Keri Mihoum
Mastered by Roland Wiegner at Die Tonmeisterei Oldenburg
Artwork by