Miss t.erner // 4 Years Now!

beeah–music BEH012 / CD / 14.12.2012

# Title Time
2.Pawn In A Game5:50
3.A Part6:57
4.What We Are5:56

Berlin two piece Miss t.erner conjure up an ethereal atmosphere on their debut “4YEARS NOW!” EP and create an emotional journey into their unique sound. Moving between shadow and light, this sound-acoustic marriage combines the considerable talents of the Berlin based producer and song writer Mr. Terner with the lovely voice of Miss T from Sweden.

“4YEARS NOW!” links four remarkable pieces the duo has been working on over the last four years. By layering acoustic and electronic sounds they create a dynamic setup of songs that are so rich in details that you will discover something new every time they are played.

The first track “Starship” is a stunning composition with ever-so-tender vocals hovering alluringly over a refined piano section. The repeated lyric “I try so hard, that it breaks my heart” will be echoing around your head for hours after several listens.

With a prelude of drum fireworks, the second number “Pawn In A Game” is a groovy melancholia that ends up as a powerful track. With its throbbing bassline, elysian synths and voices that rise like sirens, coolly but urgently, “Pawn In A Game” hits the emotional nerve with razor precision.

Next up is “Apart”, an elegy about love and friendship and a missive to the collective unconsciousness of the world at large. The newcomers shoot this very personal statement across the bow of contemporary music. “Make me feel a part”, it shouts from the background like a rallying call for something better, while an epic soundtrack is building and rolling slowly underneath it. A song for a disaffected but impassioned generation, “Apart” is as nuanced and unique as the artists and label behind it.

"What We Are" is the well rounded coda. Miss T.erner take us to a hopeful and happy place, the perfect finishing point for this emotional journey. “Gold the moon appears”, whilst quivering chimes arouse a sound which hides behind the feeling that is evoked once it penetrates your ears. “This is what we are for”, the voices playing with each other’s heights and depths make you lose track on who is who.

Miss t.erner bring together a combination of unique musical voices that stretch beyond traditional genres to leave you with a sense of wanting more.

Berlin two piece miss t.erner conjure up an ethereal atmosphere on their debut track Starship that would bring James Blake out in a cold sweat.
– Crack In The Road

Lovely EP - combining dreamy vocals and warm harmonies with subtle downbeat. Like their groovy melancholy, "Pawn in a Game" is a powerful track.
– PlanetInterview

WhatWeAre... Just wow. It´s a doozie track with a massiv bass groove!
– DJ Cup of Jazz

Our new favorite tune is Pawn in the Game - a sound that is legere and deep. The vocals are equally warm and distant, creating a perfect harmony a subtle ambiguity as regards content. We want more of Miss t.erner.
– Perret Schaad (Fashion Berlin)

YES! Admire the architecture and the music is using it. Great atmosphere filled with so much heart and love. I like it!
– Director Jan Zabeil

What We Are For - wundervolle Musik zu Nacht!
– radio eins

If you liked James Blake, this duo is giving it a new twist. The single ”Starship” is geeeeenius!
– DJ Jan Mir

Eine Frau und ein Mann traten ans Keyboard und eine Gitarre, und dann passierte Wunderbares. Ich zumindest war platt auf dieser Party.
– Jürgen König (radioeins lost in music)


Written and produced by t.erner. Lyrics written and sung by Tom Werner and Therese Granberg.