Sebastian Arnold // mad scientist drummer

Sebastian Arnold – mad scientist drummer

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1.First Draft (Intro) preview1:22
2.Karawane full track4:34
3.Open Field full track8:34
4.Helikopter preview6:54
5.A Present for You preview5:08
6.The Grand Palace preview5:23
7.Spanky full track5:00
8.Dithering the Grain preview5:18–05 preview3:56–07 (hey, hey, hey) preview5:39
11.Freiburg–Berlin preview4:35
12.Mnemesys full track5:41

The Berlin-based drummer Sebastian Arnold connects the cables to his drums: electronic devices of all kinds are used as sources of sound, modular synthesizers are patched, programmed and tied to the musician's movements logically through sensors. Here, a conglomerate of Jazz, Funk, Fusion and Electro blends with the songs from the solo live set on drums and synths. Listen with a mandatory volume set to 11!

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Sebastian Arnold – mad scientist drummer


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Sebastian Arnold – mad scientist drummer

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