The Benja Men // Goodbye, Smile Mile

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The Benja Men – Goodbye, Smile Mile

When fanatical singer Jolly Joe and his family leave idyllic Smile Mile, he faces the greatest challenge of his life so far: making new friends. Join him for a musical adventure about the heartache of moving, the joy of doing what you love, and the danger of infamous kid-eating bears! This double album for kids includes English and German versions of the exciting story in 12 songs to sing along.

„'Goodbye, Smile Mile' is a delightful sing-a-long, with wonderful characters and a fantastic story. It is a great way to learn a new language, as you can happily play these catchy tunes over and over again without getting bored. Adults won't go mad with the music either, as the songs are musically accomplished also. No simple nursery rhymes here! It's a brilliant album, I recommend it without reservation.“
James Fair, Grand Independent


Text and Music: Ben Arntz
Performed by: The Benja Men
Translation: Katja Schädlich
Artwork: Joel Poischen
Production: Sebastian Arnold
Recording: Tricone Studios, Berlin
Studio Photos: Mirko Goletz


Jolly Joe – Ben Arntz
Mom – Elisabeth King, Karen Kramatschek
Dad – Ben Arntz
Scary Hairy Bear – Julien Rupp
Teacher – Karen Kramatschek, Elisabeth King
Grandpa – Tim Corbridge
Narrator – Markus Steidl


Ben Arntz – Guitar, Ukulele
Sebastian Arnold – Drums, Percussion
Karen Kramatschek – Bass
Tim Corbridge – Electric Guitar
Elisabeth King – Accordion, Piano
Svenja Weiß – Violin, Glockenspiel

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