Sebastian Arnold // Interstellar Getaway

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Sebastian Arnold – Interstellar Getaway

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1.Driving A Spaceship preview5:59
2.Fruit Mountain (Level 2) preview3:46
3.Fly To Mars preview4:24
4.Software Crisis preview4:47
5.Low Altitude Flyover preview3:55
6.Cosmic Solar Radiation preview4:53
7.Molecular Shower preview6:00
8.A Safe Place Far From Home preview3:28

Over the last three years, Sebastian Arnold proved that his concept as a futuristic one-man-band perfectly corresponds to today's challenge of an expressive live dance music performance. He interactively combines the acoustic drumset with electronic instruments to an augmented sound system which enables him to play punchy club tracks with complex arrangements all by himself, making him a unique performer worth seeing in action. His past releases "mad scientist drummer" and "Attempt to change a running system" as well as appearances in clubs and festivals throughout Europe attracted the attention of a wide audience.

The new album "Interstellar Getaway" is inspired by the fact that Seb's live show actually feels like watching someone playing the drum kit and driving a spaceship at the same time. Still focusing on the beats, his recent sound developed to a more consolidated and song-oriented form, channeling a wide palette of styles from jazz, electronica and post-rock to dubstep. This time, the great escape into the galaxy features interplanetar travelling, bitchy computer games and fast-paced flights through the stratosphere accompanied by thrilling synth basslines, 8-bit sounds and of course great groove-oriented drumming all though the eight songs.

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