Sebastian Arnold // Solo-Performer

Sebastian Arnold

Sebastian Arnold is a genuine one-man band behind his drum kit and synthesizers. Watching him for the first time, you may think of someone driving a spaceship with drumsticks. However, his mission goes beyond flying: since 2008 the "mad scientist drummer" has been exploring the intersections of instrumental and electronic club music. All alone on stage, he is building song structures by layering loops and drum-triggered sequences with acoustic drums, keyboards and vocals. The result is an organic mixture of elektro, post-rock, drum'n'bass and indietronica. A stellar performance!

„Berlin, in fact Germany in general seems to have it all going on at the moment. [...] This chap, Sebastian Arnold, has been somebody I've been watching for a couple of years now. He's taking the looping concept a stage further by being a multi instrumental sound bank for his own creations in addition to triggering sequences from his Nord Modular.“
Jem Godfrey (12/2010)

„Multisimultaninstrumentalist Sebastian Arnold pervertiert Genres wie Lounge, (Free) Jazz, Postrock, Indie und Electronica und kultiviert dies in seinem eigenen Sound. [...] Der Ausnahmemusiker spielt sich in einen wahren Rausch und besonders bei den zahlreichen Improvisationen, Variationen und Taktverschiebungen klebt man mit den Ohren förmlich an den Speakern. Nur wenigen gelingt die Symbiose von Tanzbarkeit und Experimentierwut. Sebastian Arnold ist einer der wenigen, die das drauf haben.“
noisyNeighbours (#31, 11/2010)

„Mit der Verwirklichung, als einziger Musiker in die Rolle eine komplexen Bandkosmos zu schlüpfen, ist dem Schlagzeuger Sebastian Arnold mit dieser EP ein extrem außergewöhnliches Album gelungen.“
STICKS Magazin (10/2010)



2016 Telegram EP (beeah–music/finetunes)
2012 Interstellar Getaway (beeah–music/finetunes)
2010 Attempt to change a running system e.p. (beeah–music/finetunes)
2008 mad scientist drummer (beeah–music/phonector)


2013 Fly To Mars (digital remix single / VIDEO)
2010 Insert Coin (free download / VIDEO)
2009 Mnemesys (VIDEO)


2014 Synchrotron E.P. (Arnold+Sukroso)

Soundtracks & Compilations

2015 AAAHHWOOO! Compilation
2013 Libelle Flugstunde IV
2013 MajMusicalMonday Retrospective (sampler)
2012 Berlin Bands Vol. 1 (free giveaway compilation)
2011 OBOA Festival Sampler
2011 The Finest Noise #25 (magazine sampler)
2011 Audio Surf // Die Besten Bands im Netz (compilation)
2010 OBOA Festival Sampler
2010 This Is My City (travel show, soundtrack)
2010 Scissors & Glue – The Miami Project (documentary soundtrack)

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